Solar Port Services in Cape Town

We Provide Strong and Durable Solar Ports across Cape Town


Solar Port Services in Cape Town

Looking to park your car in style as well as be part of the sustainable living club. One should go for Solar PV panels Staying connected with the environment is necessary to maintain the quality of life that we expect.

This can be done in numerous ways. One can select solar panels for the rooftop, which are then installed at a later stage by our expert team at Cape Town Shade Ports.

A rooftop carport is an additional structure attached to your existing rooftop, usually designed to accommodate cars or road vehicles. Its length may vary depending on the nature of the installation plan.

These carports are also known as carports/ garages and have numerous uses and application areas. For example, company cars are required daily to travel around an area within the office premises, delivery trucks that strictly need to be parked in one place or any other type of vehicle that requires sufficient space for parking in Cape Town.

solar port

Solar carports have been around for years, they have been used as a way to support structures…

At Cape Town Shade Ports our team understands the concerns of a property owner with a property that requires a new roof. We put in a large number of resources into training our staff, providing them with the appropriate tools and ensuring that they are up-to-date on current legislation. It is one of our primary goals to ensure that we maintain a high level of satisfaction from the clients who hire us as their service providers.

The services we provide include:

• Residential Roofing

• Commercial Roofing

• Industrial Roofing

• Hurricane Damage Repair

• Roof Leak Repair

• Roof Replacement Service

• Roof Installation Service

• Siding installation and replacement

• Wall cladding and reconstruction

We always work hard to be both friendly and professional throughout our day – ensuring that we go above and beyond your expectations!

A covering would also protect your vehicle from all weather conditions in Cape Town. Some have motors which are are powered by batteries and are capable of being hydraulically operated if the ground becomes wet. The frame is made of aluminium or steel tubing, or be made up of wooden planks or hardwood logs, with plywood edging giving it a nicer look.

The outside covering material could be glass fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), galvanized sheeting, aluminium sheets or steel sheets. The basic purpose of this cover is to retain the useful lifetime and resale value of the vehicle by protecting it from dust, humidity, rain, hail and ice. Another use for them is for residential homes where they act as shade during summer months and protect you from the snow & ice during winter times. They act as an additional storage room or even sometimes used as an entertainment area like a swimming pool etc.

When choosing materials, designs and components pay special attention to their weatherproof qualities – not only now but several years later as well too. Make sure that everything can withstand harsh weather conditions. After all, once you’ve built the garage, you’re not going to want to do it all over again every few years because you’re constantly having to replace stuff that didn’t take the test of time. The door should be able to withstand high winds and any sort of bad weather condition there is. The faster it can open and close, the less effort you’ll have to exert when you want to get in or out.

We guarantee to treat every client with respect and fulfil their expectations – no matter what – and we will assist clients with any questions or difficulties that may arise throughout the process. Achieving this goal requires all of us at Cape Town Shade Ports to be able to work together so we can provide you with quality completion time after time and great service.



We take pride in our work here at Cape Town Shade Ports; ensuring your satisfaction is key to our business success. Our experience in the industry guarantees that your Shade Port services project will be installed accurately and efficiently. We service all major cities throughout Cape Town and neighbouring areas.