Designer Shade Sails Services in Cape Town

We Provide Strong and Durable Designer Shades across Cape Town


Designer Shade Sail Services in Cape Town

Are you looking for shade sails to protect your yard, garden or pool area in Cape Town? We offer Designer Shade Sails Services in Cape Town, you can protect your home any time of the day. Cape Town Shade Ports is a leading manufacturer of shade sails in Cape Town.

There are a lot of services Cape Town Shade Ports provide: if you are looking for customized shades then look no further than Cape Town Shade Ports.

We have several brands with different shades that will suit your needs. Our shade sails are made from high-quality materials making them durable, fast set-up, easy to install and most importantly affordable.

Blending into the landscape and simple with sophisticated colouring that blends into any backyard. Adding some shade to our outdoor living area makes for more enjoyable afternoons, strolls and parties. Designer Shade Sails come in several colours so you can select what will match your existing drapes and furnishings. This way, it will be easy on the eyes and the pocket.

designer shade sails
designer shade sails

If you are wondering how wide of an area you can protect with shade sails, let us tell you that it’s about 5 metres wide per sail; it shouldn’t be too tall. Trust us; climbing tall ladders is not fun! However, if you do need some help affixing or removing them, it shouldn’t be too long before you contact a service providers like Cape Town Shade Ports. We’ll make sure to determine the best installation designs suitable for your needs.


Safety First! 

When installing shade sails in Cape Town, please ensure there is no distraction or danger. This means removing any potential hazards like furniture or toys near where they will be installed. Don’t be careless!

Different homes require different layouts inside and outside the house when it comes down to it. Cape Town Shade Ports offers many designs you can choose from. Call our sales representative now to get your free quote for the perfect sail of your choice!



We take pride in our work here at Cape Town Shade Ports; ensuring your satisfaction is key to our business success. Our experience in the industry guarantees that your Shade port services project will be installed accurately and efficiently. We service all major cities throughout Cape Town and neighbouring areas.