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Shade Port Services in Cape Town

Shade ports are an often overlooked part of a shade sail. They are generally installed starting with the bottom sails and working your way up, fitting each successive sail into the previous one.

Shade Port Sails are generally designed with UV stabilizers that can extend the life of your shade sails by providing excellent protective properties. Shade Ports are available in all different shapes, styles, colours and materials, but most commonly are made of aluminium or steel.

Selecting Shade Ports 

When choosing shade ports for your shade sails there are a few things to consider. One factor is durability, is this important to you? Are you looking for something lightweight? Are you looking for longevity? Are you looking for quality metal vs cheaper ones?

These are all factors when looking for Shade Ports that is right for you. Colour is another thing to consider.

Aluminium is very common but Steel isn’t any less popular. There are also colours available now making it easy to match your decoration needs too! The style also plays a role here with many modern designs available today allowing you to match your desired style to your shade port.

capetown carport
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Cape Town Shade Port services in Cape town install Shade Ports from 4 posts to Full Cantilever structures.

The structures are manufactured from galvanized steel.

The fabric for the structures is available in various colours as well as normal and waterproof shade cloth.

There is quite a range of available colours available. Please call for a full range of colours.

We supply and install Standard (4-pole) and Cantilevered (2-pole) Shade-net Carports, as well as semi-cantilevered, wall-mounted and various combinations thereof. You can select between covering the following standard sizes:


 Single-bay [3.0m x 5.5m]

 Double-bay [5.0m x 5.5m]

 Triple-bay [7.5m x 5.5m] 

 Quad-bay [10m x 5.5m] 



Structural Steel tubing to specification depending on application


All Steel coated with a red oxide etch primer and finished with standard white or colour coded QD Enamel


Columns fixed into 400 x 400 x 500 of 25MPA Concrete for standard applications


Depending on colour choice. All UV Deflection exceeds 95% Meeting all your glass and aluminium door needs


Whether you want a Shade Port, Carport or Solar Port our team are trained to deliver. We are available across the greater Cape Town area 24 hours a day for any of your shade port services and repairs that you may require for residential premises as well as commercial structures. All our employees are qualified professionals who are experienced in delivering the highest standard of service. By addressing all your requirements, we ensure that every job is carried out to a high standard.


Chances are if you live in the greater Cape Town region, whether for business or pleasure, you will want high-quality services at your convenience. Whatever your preferences are, one service company that provides quality service in Cape Town is Cape Town Shade Ports. If you are anything like us then safety is important to you.

Whether it be ensuring the safety of children coming home from school or simply wanting to relax in peace knowing your property is safe with us. We take pride in delivering only the best customer care. To find out more about our services today contact us. We offer free quotes to ensure you have access to all your potential services quickly and conveniently.



We take pride in our work here at Cape Town Shade Ports; ensuring your satisfaction is key to our business success. Our experience in the industry guarantees that your Shade Port services project will be installed accurately and efficiently. We service all major cities throughout Cape Town and neighbouring areas.