Outdoor Walkway Cover Services in Cape Town

We Provide Strong and Durable Outdoor Walkway Cover Services across Cape Town


Outdoor walkway Cover Services in Cape Town

A walkway cover is a great way to protect your outdoor walkway from sun, rain, dust and animals. In addition, it will also help keep your home cooler by protecting your home from the hot summer sun.

With an easy installation, you can have a warmer winter with outdoor heating by being able to direct the harsh summer wind from outside under the cover. Cape Town Shade Ports services have completed thousands of installations throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas.

If you are a homeowner or a proud property manager with a patio, balcony, driveway or any type of covered area that needs sunshade protection look no further than Cape Town Shade Ports services in Cape Town, we specialize in all applications including commercial, industrial and domestic services.

Our services: 

All types of coloured beaded, stamped asphalt. Parks, parking lots, sidewalks and ball diamond surfacing can be done with this professionally installed Epoxy surfacing. It takes the harshness out of the sun and does not off-gas as some coloured acrylics do.

This surface has found uses in all recreational facilities including playgrounds. It looks great and wears better than most existing floors especially when you consider it will last up to 10 years.

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Keeping Things Clean In Cape Town

An outdoor walkway cover helps keep items such as leaves, gravel, dirt and many other things from entering your property as well as your home in Cape Town. Unfortunately, these types of particles tend to not only look unsightly but can be quite harmful to those with allergies or asthma if they make their way indoors. Not only does this help keep your home clean but it also protects the overall condition of your exterior walls and windows.

We’re Affordable

We know that not everyone has thousands of rands lying around for professional-grade walkway covers; however, our knowledgeable staff will work closely with you to find cost-friendly solutions to fit any budget whether small or big. We provide affordable yet durable options for constructing walkways without needing to do expensive re-enforcement of your property to support the structure which other companies may try to force on you. We’ve built thousands of designs & sizes at various places across Cape Town which allow us to offer unique customizing opportunities that others can’t boast about! It’s because of this that we’re at the top of our game has earned quite an impressive reputation amongst homeowners, government organizations (municipalities), contractors & many others.


Cape Town Shade Ports Services And Solutions

Our trained staff will measure the property very extensively before providing any solutions to you so you receive an accurate price quote on having one of our certified staff construct your outdoor walkway cover. We take pride in our products & services and want to ensure that you receive nothing less than excellent service! Giving us a call today will help ensure that you get the full reassurance that after all is said and done you received what was promised.



We take pride in our work here at Cape Town Shade Ports; ensuring your satisfaction is key to our business success.Our experience in the industry guarantees that your Shade port services project will be installed accurately and efficiently.We service all major cities throughout Cape Town and neighbouring areas